Group Class Schedule

Tuesday from 7am – 8am with Jessica McGrath

Clinical (Pilates) exercise classes are individually tailored exercise classes that can be used for the treatment of injuries and rehabilitation. Specific muscle groups are targeted with emphasis placed on areas that have been assessed by the therapist as important to the participant.

How is this therapy performed?

Clinical exercise classes can be performed using equipment such as the Pilates Reformer or as floor-based exercises programs. These options will be discussed with you in your initial consultation and a recommendation will be made depending on your goals and individual needs.

The assessment process involves identifying the directions of movement that aggravate and ease your problem. Then we look at how well your body moves or where there are areas that can be improved on. The treatment process then involves getting you to work through specific exercises to encourage better movement quality and function.

These programs are all specifically tailored to your needs. Your program will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure you are performing the correct technique and are progressing forward with your exercises.

Clinical exercise classes can be claimed under most of the Health Funds.
Please enquire with our receptionists for further information.

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